Making A Stuffed BBQ Fattie

Stuffed BBQ sausage rolls aka “Fattie” are a favorite among BBQ cooks. They are easy to make, cheap and taste great. The stuffing combinations are endless, here I stuff it with cream cheese and some HOT fresh NM green chiles.

I try to fit a fattie or two in the smoker anytime I have room. Its a good way to test out new rubs, woods and besides that the family loves them and they are a hit with guests.

What you need:

  • 1 pound or more of pork sausage.
  • 1 package Cream Cheese
  • NM Green Chiles (Canned or Fresh)
  • BBQ Rub (optional)

The Process:

  • On a sheet of plastic wrap, flatten out the sausage into a rectangle.
  • Place the stuffing in the middle, being sure to leave enough sausage on the ends to pinch them closed.
  • Use the plastic wrap to roll the long side up making a stuffed tube of sausage.
  • Carefully role up the ends of the tube, making sure sausage encloses all the stuffing.
  • Dust with your favorite BBQ rub and place in the smoker.

Fatties are versatile as far as temperatures and cooking time. The goal is to cook the sausage trough while making sure to add enough smoke to create that beloved red smoke ring. I usual cook them between 225F-275F for about two hours.

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