The Beginning: Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) Build Part 1

After burning some spare ribs this weekend for valentine’s day, I decided that it was about time for a UDS upgrade. My current UDS (pictured above) have always stayed true to the “Ugly” in Ugly Drum Smoker. With lessons learned, I plan to build myself a NOT so ugly drum smoker that has some convenient features and luxuries the old drum didn’t have.

  • Look Good – I plan to go all out and make this thing stand out.
  • Heat Shield – I always do big cooks in the UDS and without a top rack, grease flair ups will quickly turn the bottom of your ribs and turn them into shoe leather. I have an idea for a heat shield that will still allow the juices from the meat to vaporize in the fire and give me that distinctive BBQ flavor that I could never achieve in a offset pit.
  • Working Area – I plan to add some sort of side table for ease of use.
  • Fire Box – My past fire boxes have been lacking, this smoker will have a proper fire box with a ash pan for easy cleanup.

That is just the basics, check back in as I document my UDS build with pictures and possibly even some video.

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